Counselling Skills (Certificate) £900.00
Counselling Theory (Certificate) £1,050.00
Counselling Skills and theory diploma level 4

Advanced Diploma in Counselling Level 5



Applied Psychology (Diploma) £600.00
Counselling Psychology (Diploma) £600.00
Hypnotherapy (Diploma) £600.00
Diploma in the Supervision of Counsellors & Therapists

Creative Intervention Diploma

CBT Diploma

Working with Children and Adolescents Diploma







Workshop ־ Working with Complex Trauma £250.00

Additional books that students may wish to purchase are at the discretion of the student. However, the courses are self-contained.

If you wish to pay by monthly instalments please discuss this at enrolment where we can arrange this for you.

Do you care? Do the lives of friends, family and colleagues interest you? Are you interested in the way people’s minds work? re you a natural listener or are you keen to help others?