At present, the following courses are offered by Ridgeway College:

  • Introduction to Counselling
  • Counselling Skills
  • Counselling Theory
  • Advanced Counselling Skills
  • Advanced Diploma in Counselling Skills
  • Diploma in Applied Psychology
  • Diploma in CBT
  • Diploma in Counselling Children and Adolescents
  • Diploma in Hypnotherapy
  • Diploma in the Supervision of Counsellors and Therapists
  • Diploma in Counselling Psychology
  • Working with Complex Trauma
  • Creative Intervention Diploma
  • Working with Couples certificate
  • Working with Adult Survivors of Abuse – workshop
  • Dissociative Identity Disorder – workshop
  • False and Repressed Memory – workshop


As Ridgeway continues to grow, we anticipate the number and variety of courses available will also grow.


Each of the certificate counselling courses consists of 10 units and 10 written assignments. The student must pass each assignment before undertaking the assignment of the following unit. The grades and their meanings are listed below. In the event that a student fails a particular assignment the student will be required to attempt the assignment again after reading and understanding their tutor’s comments. In the event that the student continues to fail a particular assignment the course will be terminated after discussion and agreement between the tutor and the student. However, the college will do all that is permissible within the college accreditation rules to help the student in their studies.


R = Fail. Student has failed the assignment due to lack of understanding of material or not being clear in the interpretation of the unit. The student’s tutor will assist the student in finding the cause of the problem and when the student feels confident they will take the assignment again.

D = Bare Pass. The student has scored a low grade and has only achieved a pass grade because they have supplied enough information to enable the tutor to realise that the student does have some understanding of the course material, however, further work is required in order for the student to score a higher grade. The tutor will assist the student with this and the student may re-apply to take the assignment again in an attempt to gain a higher grade.

C = Clear Pass. Student has demonstrated an adequate knowledge of the course material and has shown that his or her understanding is fair. However, there is still a need for improvement in application and understanding of the course.

B = Good Pass. The student has demonstrated a clear and well-understood knowledge of the course material.

A = Excellent Pass. The student has demonstrated a full understanding of the course material and has proven this in their clear and well-written assignment. They have demonstrated a precise knowledge of the unit and its meaning.

Tutors may add + or ־ to each of the above grades.

Do you care? Do the lives of friends, family and colleagues interest you? Are you interested in the way people’s minds work? re you a natural listener or are you keen to help others?