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We offer students an intensive work programme to equip them fully for the realities of counselling.  You will spend your first 30 weeks studying and practising counselling skills and exploring self as part of the journey, before beginning the intensive Level 3 Course where you will study a wide range of theories appropriate to counselling today, before putting these theories into practice with your skills work, in a safe, and supportive learning environment, which will equip the students to deal with the diversity and uniqueness that each client brings to therapy.  We feel passionately that an integrative way of working with clients in today’s society is essential if we are to offer flexibility in our approach to each client and of course our work.  This respectful approach to our teaching is also conveyed to each student, who like clients, are also unique and individual, and we pride ourselves on this unique approach.


Ridgeway College Accreditations:

Ridgeway College is an Organisational Member of BACP

Ridgeway is  a specialised counsellor training college that is Accredited by the Unifaculty Foundation (www.unifaculty-foundation.com).

We offer a large and small training room here at Ridgeway College.

The courses offered by Ridgeway College are accredited by:

  • International Society of Professional Counsellors (ISPC)
  • College of Management Science London (School of Psychology)
  • Faculty of Management Science


Our tutors are fully qualified, professional teaching and practising counsellors and therapists.

What Our Students Say About Ridgeway:


I really enjoy my job - working as a Therapy Counsellor in a private practice, something I once dreamed of!

I studied with Ridgeway College and achieved my Diploma in Counselling Skills & Theory, which qualified me to practise counselling. Ridgeway College enabled me to refocus my career - taking a new career path and giving me the flexibility of studying, while I was still in full time employment. At first I was a little daunted at going back to study after a 15-year break but I was relieved to find the coursework both informative and enjoyable, with support at hand if I needed it. I would personally recommend Ridgeway College for people who are either looking for an enjoyable way to study, or a gateway to broader horizons.

Jane Westmore studied with Ridgeway College and changed her career to being employed in her dream job!
Testimonials 2018

After researching various courses within my home town, Scunthorpe, for counselling, I decided to look further afield and came across Ridgeway College. The college seemed to be offering more than my local college, it appeared more professional, combined practice and theory, and offered various levels of study. I met Julia at the college for an informal chat and signed up straight away.

I cannot begin to explain how this was the right decision. The course content enabled the students to understand human behaviours within a counselling arena, this was also supported by practice, putting ourselves in the client’s shoes. We shared our personal experiences, laughter and sometimes tears, and I really believe this was a sound grounding for when we began seeing our own clients.

I decided to study up to the Level 5 Advanced Diploma, and I was not disappointed. The course tutors enabled the students to grow both personally and professionally within the counselling arena, and I can't thank them enough for their support, guidance and sharing their experiences with us. I aim to return in the near future for CPD courses. – Louise Ward - 2017

Having looked around the market I was very conscious that many organisations were offering counselling qualifications, however they all lacked depth of focus and credible support from regulatory bodies. Ridgeway offers the balance of theory, practical skills and classroom discussion as well as a recognised qualification; essential for a career in the mental health sector.

As I await the completion of my advanced diploma, I look back at my college experience with immense pride and confidence that I received the best learning experience in the region. I also feel assured that I can refer any client to any Ridgeway alumni safe in the knowledge that best practice and values will be upheld.

Since completing the classroom requirements at Ridgeway in the summer of 2017 I have a regular placement with a national mental health charity, I work with a large corporate brand to support employee welfare and I also present a weekly mental health programme on a national radio station. – Duncan Ellison – 2015 – 2018

"Ridgeway College have been very supportive along my counselling journey with them. Julia and Graham are easy to approach and very knowledgeable. Their attitude is one of forward thinking and person-centred, with a genuine congruence to care about each and every student whom is under their wing; which, surprisingly, is quite rare to find in the field after my experiences with other colleges in the past.

I really enjoyed my time with Ridgeway and will apply for relevant courses in the future - simply because I know I will be in safe hands and will not have to worry about the quality of teaching and the empathy of the staff.

I look forward to completing my level 5 in Therapeutic Counselling and will love to return as soon as I am able to be taught on the Supervisor's Course." – Zachary Kellerman 2015 - 2017

Studying at Ridgeway College has certainly changed my life for the better. I have thoroughly enjoyed the Counselling course and got so much from it including an understanding of myself and others.
It makes a positive change to your life whether you want to do it as a career or not. I think everyone will be inspired and it will open your eyes and your mind. Fascinating stuff. Best thing I ever did. – Adele Dewell – 2016 - 2018

*I have been practicing as a counselor of adults and young people for several years and always had the intention of training to be a supervisor of counsellors. I had looked at many courses over the last few years across many locations but just couldn't seem to find one that offered the
practical elements I wanted from the training. Working with the team at Ridgeway College was not only easy but also fun. I believe that training should be a balance of information, learning and practical discussion with enough homework to check your understanding. The class size was just right and I had the benefit of a small group which allowed me to ask as many questions and learn from one another and share experience. The handouts were simple and easy to understand so I never felt the need to make copious notes. *

*Now I have qualified I believe I have the right balance of skills and practice to supervise other counsellors. I will be looking at using Ridgeway for future CPD and training.*

*Well worth the investment. * - Director Life In Action Ltd
Jason Bloomfield

“After taking some time out from work following the birth of my son, I decided to use the time to retrain and shift careers into an area that has always been of interest to me. At the moment I am working to complete my advanced level 4 & 5 in counselling at Ridgeway College after completing levels 1-3 with them. Since starting at Ridgeway College both Graham and Julia have been very welcoming and supportive in my studies. They show kindness and compassion and their way of teaching is interesting. The groups are friendly, open and confidential which creates a safe place for any open discussions and learning. I'm looking forward to completing my course but I also know that I will be back to complete workshops and other courses with Ridgeway due to the content of course material, professionalism and experience of staff and the ability to learn in an environment that is supportive and non-judgemental.” – Janine McManus – Level 4 student 2018

My experience studying at Ridgeway College has been both challenging and life-changing.
The knowledge and insight I have learnt has been so valuable to my personal growth and my ability to communicate as a counsellor. At Ridgeway College I had the privilege to be taught by tutors who were practicing counsellors with many years’ experience. The tutors bring their knowledge and wisdom into their teachings giving the students a more detailed description of the counsellors’ experience. The education i received at Ridgeway College has proven to be the Perfect Foundation for my practice as a counsellor. I now have the privilege to work with clients as a counsellor.
I hold much of my success to my education at Ridgeway College.
Former student,
Eugene Mellon ,Ireland A former student at Ridgeway College.

Former Student


Thanks to Ridgeway, my goal of starting my own counselling and psychology practice is well within reach.

I started with Ridgeway in 2000, after deciding on a career goal and a fresh personal aim- to get qualified! The Diploma in Counselling has positively changed my life and career prospects and equipped me with the skills needed to assist clients to make positive changes in my new career as Substance Misuse Counsellor.

I studied with Ridgeway, while working as a full-time staff nurse. I was delighted with the way the course allowed me to study part time learning about counselling and psychology, while still working.

I have developed motivation and a greater self-belief, applying my knowledge and skills daily in my working environment. Now, with the Diploma under my belt. Ridgeway College continues to provide me with up to date knowledge, theories and skills to strengthen my confidence and career, but most importantly, help improve the lives and decisions of others.

Emma Hawkesford studied with Ridgeway, while employed as a full-time Staff Nurse and developed her knowledge, skills and understanding in order to develop her career and found that her ambition is now within reach.

Emma Hawkesford

Former Student

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