Advanced Certificate in Counselling Skills Level 4

Certificate in Counselling Skills (Advanced) Level 4 (Year 3) Starts September 2014

Please contact the college if you would like to enroll on a smaller class before September 2014

Entry onto this course requires the student to have completed a level 2 counselling skills course and a level 3 counselling theory course.


The advanced course allows students to increase their knowledge of counselling beyond level 1 2, and 3. Students adopt a clinical approach and examine examples of contemporary problems using various counselling techniques. This will be applied to working with individuals and groups who are coming to terms with the emotional and psychological problems that modern living can cause.


This course is studied part time weekly over 30 weeks.


The course content examines issues of crisis such as: 

·       family,

·       death and bereavement,

·       suicide,

·       divorce,

·       depression,

·       mental illness and its detection,

·       homosexuality,

·       immorality,

·       substance abuse, and

·       child abuse.



There are ten written assignments that must be completed and handed in to the tutor for grading and comments, along with several self-test exercises, allowing analysis of understanding. Students will engage in triad work to enable them to practice the techniques they have learned. Students will also be expected to keep a course journal to enable then to demonstrate understanding at a personal level.


After the successful completion of this course the student will be awarded their Advanced certificate in counselling skills.


Holders of the Ridgeway Advanced Certificate will be entitled to practice as a counsellor and as such would be entitled to apply for accreditation by the ISPC at associate level.